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A Free Things To Know If You Are Worried About Having To Get An SR-22

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If you have received a few too many traffic tickets, been convicted of a DUI, or had a lapse in your automobile insurance, you are probably going to be told you need to have an SR-22 certificate added to your insurance policy. Basically, an SR-22 is proof that you are financially responsible for your automobile and any damage done while you are driving it. It lets the DMV know that you have current car insurance. Read More»

Need Flood Insurance? Know What Factors Can Determine How Much You Pay

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If the home you are purchasing is in a flood zone or near a water source, chances are that you’ll need to get flood insurance. Most homeowners don’t need this kind of insurance unless it is absolutely necessary, but if you do need to have it, the way that premiums are determined can feel confusing to you. By knowing what factors determine the flood insurance premium that you’ll pay, you can get a better idea of what to expect before you purchase a policy. Read More»

Frequently Asked Questions About Sinkhole Insurance

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Sinkholes cause the most damage in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. If you reside in one of these states, you may be wondering about sinkholes and your home insurance. Here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about this topic. Does My Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Protect Against a Sinkhole? No. Typically, your standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover you if a sinkhole damages your home. Read More»