Working With Your Insurance Agent

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Do You Need To Get Car Insurance From An Agent?

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The car is a basic requirement of life for many Americans, and that leads them to also need insurance policies. Many folks acquire their policies from an automobile insurance broker, but is that always necessary? Let’s look at four times you should speak with an agent about car insurance. First Time Anyone acquiring insurance for the first time should ask for a sit-down with an auto insurance broker. An agent can explain basic concepts, such as the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage in a car insurance policy. Read More»

Common Types of Car Insurance Explained

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Car insurance policies occur in different types, and each provides a specific form of coverage against risks. For instance, car insurance may cover theft, collision, or fire risks. Therefore, it is essential that you understand the different types of auto insurance and the type of coverage each offers. Here are the common types of car insurance explained. Liability Car Insurance Liability auto insurance covers damages to other people when you are at fault in a car crash. Read More»

Commercial Building Sustain Water Damage? Why You Need An Insurance Adjuster For Your Claim

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If your business has suffered water damage, and you need to file a commercial insurance claim, you also need to hire a public insurance adjuster. If you’re like most business owners, you think that you can handle the insurance claim on your own, but that’s not necessarily the case. This is especially true where commercial claims are concerned. Commercial insurance claims can be difficult to process, especially water damage claims. Read More»

Seven Things Employers Should Never Assume When It Comes To Workers Comp Insurance Coverage

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Failing to acquire adequate workers comp insurance coverage can create big problems for employers. That’s why employers need to be well informed about the importance of workers comp insurance. The following are seven things employers should never assume when it comes to workers comp insurance.  Workers compensation insurance isn’t necessary in some industries. You might think that your industry doesn’t involve enough on-the-job risks to warrant workers compensation insurance. However, workplace injuries can happen in any industry. Read More»

2 Basic Tips To Understand If You Want To Save Money On Auto Insurance

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As a vehicle owner, you need to carry auto insurance. It is just a necessary expense that you have to shoulder if you want to own and drive a vehicle. As this is a necessary expense, it is important to understand that it is an expense that you have some control over. You should be aware of some basic ways you can save money on your auto insurance.  Always Check Your Coverage  Read More»