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Do You Need To Get Car Insurance From An Agent?

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The car is a basic requirement of life for many Americans, and that leads them to also need insurance policies. Many folks acquire their policies from an automobile insurance broker, but is that always necessary? Let's look at four times you should speak with an agent about car insurance.

First Time

Anyone acquiring insurance for the first time should ask for a sit-down with an auto insurance broker. An agent can explain basic concepts, such as the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage in a car insurance policy. If you need someone to help you sort through a comparison of the two or three best options available to you, an automobile insurance agent can print up a comparison, circle the differences, and talk you through the policies item by item.

Changing Providers

An automobile insurance broker can also help you change policy providers. Notably, as long as the broker works with your preferred company to move to, you don't even have to change brokerages. They can look at policies from other providers, supply a comparison, and tell you what they think might be good for you.

When you're changing insurance providers, it's especially helpful to consult with a broker because they can tell you a bit about the real-world performance of the company. If you're wondering who handles claims the fastest, for example, they can tell you because they've had to process claims for other clients.

New Vehicle

There are several scenarios where you might add a new vehicle. You may have an existing policy for a vehicle you're keeping. In that scenario, you're probably going to want to discuss bundling or discount options for your car insurance policy.

Similarly, you might buy a new vehicle and take the old one off the insurance because you sold it. You will have to address the remnant of the old policy, any rebate of the balance of what was paid on it, and set up the new one. There may be differences in the policies because the vehicles are different, and it's a good idea to sort any questions out with an auto insurance broker.

Modifying Your Policy

Circumstances change, and insurance needs do, too. You might want to reduce the coverage on an older car that you're no longer using to get to and from work, for example. It is wise to discuss the potential changes and their implications with a car insurance broker before you commit to them.

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