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Issues To Discuss With Your Car Insurance Agent

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Car insurance is recommended to ensure safety on the roads. While the state requires a standard auto insurance policy, you can also get an additional policy for protection against specific risks. To get the appropriate insurance policy at a reasonable rate, you must ask your insurance agent the right questions.

Here are the main issues you should discuss before committing to an insurance policy.

Discounts and Savings

Insurance rates are determined based on policy limits, deductibles, and risk ratings. The risk rating is calculated by considering your age, gender, insurance score, and driving record, among other factors.

One way of reducing your premium rates is by taking advantage of discounts. You should ask your insurance agent to inform you of any discounts and offers on your auto insurance policy. You may qualify for a discount if you are a student, insure an electric, hybrid, or new car model, or own a home. 

Another way to minimize your insurance cost is through savings. These savings are found in multi-policies, multi-car, continuous insurance, and safe driving.

Coverage for Original Manufacturer Parts 

Some insurance providers don't pay for identical parts from your vehicle's manufacturer when repairing your vehicle. Since the Original Manufacturer Parts (OEM) are costly, many insurers use aftermarket parts.

However, some states require OEM parts. This is why many insurers pay for some OEM components, such as airbags, and get aftermarket parts for fenders and door handles. You may have to pay a higher premium rate to get coverage for OEM parts. Ensure you ask your insurance agent whether they will pay for OEM parts.

The Insured Declared Value

Before you take any auto insurance policy, ask about the insured declared value or IDV. This is the total sum paid to you by an insurer after car theft or damage to your vehicle. The average IDV should equal the market value of your vehicle. Therefore, don't settle for an IDV amount that is less than the current going price for your car. Asking this question ensures you receive average coverage and benefits.

In Closing

Buying insurance isn't limited to finding the most affordable insurance company. You need to think about the best coverage for your vehicle. For example, if you live in an area associated with a high crime rate, you should insure your vehicle against theft. 

Additionally, you should ask your insurance agent to advise you about deductibles. The higher the deductible, the fewer premiums you will pay. If you ask your insurance agent the right questions, you will get the best policy at a reasonable rate.

Contact an insurance agent to learn more about car insurance options.