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Should Newlyweds Combine Car Insurance Policies?

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There are many things you think about after getting married, such as name changes, bank accounts, and mortgages. Car insurance usually isn't one of the first items on your to-do list, but it should be. Now that you are married, combining your car insurance policies is an option you need to consider. The question is – is combining car insurance policies in your best interest?

Being Married Decreases Your Premiums

In many cases, just by being married you will save money on your car insurance. Your provider will see you as a lower risk as marriage is a sign of maturity. At your next renewal, you could see your price drop just from that alone.

Combining Two Good Driving Records

When both of you have good driving records, combining the policies could certainly save you money. Service Insurance Group states that drivers save between 10% and 12% when combining policies. It also creates just the one payment each month, making your finances easier to manage.

Many companies now offer multi-car discounts for those insured at the same address by family members. This is something you can take advantage of once you are married. 

Combining Good and Bad Driving Records

If one of you has a bad driving record or gaps within your record, it may be worth thinking twice about combining. Combining would likely increase the cost of your good driver's record, leading to no savings made.

It is worth noting that the cost to your insurance policy may increase, even if you do keep your policies separate. This is because you are now married and there are high chances your partner will drive your car. Car insurance follows the car rather than the person, so you will have to pay should there be an accident.

This is something you will need to compare with companies. Multi-car discounts could be enough to offer some savings, even when one of you is a bad driver. Keep in mind, driving records aren't the only factor used to determine auto cover costs. Age, gender and credit scores may also affect the costs.

Just because you get married doesn't mean everything has to be combined. Sometimes it can work out in your favor, especially with car insurance for two good drivers, but that might not always be the case. Take your time to compare your options and work out which one will work better for your financial needs. For more information, talk with a local insurance company or visit sites like