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3 Characteristics Every Auto Insurance Policy Should Have

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If you have a license to drive then you need to carry auto insurance. This is true even if you don't own a car, since there is a chance you will drive a borrowed or rented car. Many people are so worried about the price of the insurance that they fail to make sure that they are getting a plan that provides them with the coverage they need. Here are some things that you should always have with your auto insurance coverage.

1. Collision Coverage

When you are buying auto insurance you will find that there are a couple different types of coverage. One of the most important coverages to have is collision coverage. This is the coverage that you get to protect you if the car is in an accident. It can also help to pay for the other car that was in the accident as well. If you have an older car you might be able to lower the amount that you insure the car for, but you should still carry this insurance.

Alternatively, comprehensive coverage is an additional type of coverage that you can have that protects your car from things other than collision such as hail damage, vandalism, theft and so forth.

2. A Practical Deductible

By raising your deductible you will save money. However, many people choose to raise their deductible so high that it defeats the purpose of the insurance. If you have too high of a deductible, if you do get in an accident you will pay a ton out of pocket before your insurance even kicks in. If you are going to pay the premium every month to get insurance, you might as well have a practical deductible so that you won't go broke by paying too much out of pocket in the case of an accident.

3. Liability Coverage

It is no secret that people tend to sue over car accidents. There is a chance that you could get in trouble with another citizen and be sued for damages caused from an accident, even if the accident wasn't entirely your fault. This is why liability auto insurance coverage is vital. It will protect you from having to front all of the legal costs if you are sued, and will ensure that the settlement doesn't come out of your personal pocketbook.

By making sure that your insurance has all of these things you can be sure that you are protected with your auto insurance.