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Own A Bar And Worried About Liability? A Few Things You Can Do For Protection

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If you own a bar and you worry that someone getting out of control could put your business at risk, you'll want to consult with a few different professionals to make sure that you are safe from as much liability as possible. Unfortunately, people want to blame the bar and the owner when adults make their own mistakes and bad decisions. You don't want to pay for a lifetime because of someone else's poor decision making. Consider getting the following for your property and your business.

Casualty Insurance

When people are drinking, they don't always make the smartest decisions, and this could lead to a variety of trip and falls or other personal injuries on your property.  The same could happen if two people get into a violent fight, or someone falls and hits their head outside the door. Getting a great casualty insurance plan that would cover the financial risks that are associated with these types of injuries is important. Consult with a company like Donaghy Kempton Insurors to learn more.

Legal Warning Postings

Talk with your business lawyer about posting signs throughout the bar that explain the dangers of drinking too much and the dangers of drinking and driving. These legal warnings will be helpful if you end up in court because someone claims that they were over-served in your place of business, or because they got hurt after drinking at your bar and leaving. The signs may go at the entrances, behind the bar and in other areas.

Cab Information and Offers

Communicate with a cab company in the area to always have a cab outside waiting for people to use when they leave the bar, or have it posted that the bar tender can easily call another company. Posting a variety of information shows that the patrons have enough information at their disposal to get into a cab instead of deciding to drive home. You can also offer to put the cost of the cab into their tab if they don't have cash, or to give people without the money the cash to get home safely.

You don't want to end up losing your bar or your liquor license because people can't be responsible when they drink alcohol, and because they think that they can drive when they can't. You want to protect yourself from liability and a lawsuit as much as you can, and these are just a few of the ways that you can do that.