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Planning A Wedding? You May Want To Purchase Wedding Insurance For Protection

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The average cost of a wedding is around $26,444, which is a lot of money to spend for one day in your life, but having a nice wedding might be something you always dreamed of. If you are just starting to plan your wedding and want to make sure your day turns out to be everything you expected, you may want to purchase wedding insurance. Wedding insurance can help you protect the money you spend for your special day in many different ways. Here are a few things to understand about wedding insurance.  

The cost of a wedding insurance policy

Wedding insurance really is not overly expensive, and your premium is usually based on the amount of money you plan on spending for your entire wedding. Some insurance companies may also factor in other things, such as the location of the wedding. Typically, the coverage costs around $160 to $200, and this is usually a one-time payment.

You can purchase a policy as soon as you start planning your wedding, or you can wait until a few weeks before the actual day. That is up to you, but it might be wise to buy it in advance just because you will be busy doing a lot of other things as the wedding day draws near.  

What it will cover

The purpose of wedding insurance is not to reimburse you for the money you spend on your wedding if you suddenly change your mind and decide not to get married. Instead, it is designed more so to cover extra costs you incur if some of the companies you hire fail to provide what they were paid to give to you. Here are a couple examples:

  • Your photographer doesn't show up on your wedding day, which leaves you scurrying to hire another one. The policy would pay for the difference in costs you would have to pay for a last-minute photographer.
  • The banquet hall is no longer in operations or cannot open on your wedding day due to some type of emergency. The policy would pay for the extra amount you must spend to find a last-minute hall.

Wedding insurance policies typically cover any types of extra costs you incur for reasons like these, and this will usually include all aspects of a wedding, such as the services offered by your florist, decorator, or limo driver.

If you are planning a wedding and want to make sure everything is as perfect as can be on your wedding day, you may want to call an insurance company (such as Red Oak Insurance Agency) to learn more about how wedding insurance could help you.