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How To Reduce Your Exposure To Social Host Liability

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Are you planning a summer house party? Before you go any further, you should know that you may be held responsible if your party guests get injured; this is known as social host liability. If you don't know how to reduce your exposure to social host liability, stop your plans right now until you understand these three precautions:   

Choose an Outside Venue

You expose yourself to more risks if you host the party at home compared to an outside venue. For example, your children, neighbor's children or other guest's children can easily crash the party and drink alcohol if you are hosting the party in your backyard. It is easier to keep the kids away from the party if you hold it at another venue with a liquor license, such as a local bar. This is important because many states have strict laws against serving alcohol to minors, and you may be held strictly liable for any injuries related to intoxicated minors.

Hire a Professional Bartender

Hiring a professional bartender ensures that you have somebody whose only duty is to serve the alcohol. If you give this role to a friend or take it upon yourself, you may fail to recognize when a guest is intoxicated and shouldn't drink more alcohol. This may also happen if you get too much into the party mood, and even get too drunk yourself, and fail to notice drunken guests.  

Fortunately, picking out those who have had too many drinks is what professional bartenders do all day; they will easily recognize such guests and deny them more liquor. If you don't take this precaution, and you continue serving intoxicated guests, you may be held liable for any injuries they may cause even after leaving your property.

Serve Good Amounts of Food and Nonalcoholic Drinks

Even if your guests believe alcohol is the life of the party, you still need to serve good amounts of food and nonalcoholic drinks, including water. This will allow your guests to space themselves since they won't be drinking from the moment they set foot in the party until departure. Also, some food and nonalcoholic drinks may counter the effects of alcohol.

If your guests suffer food poison, inform your homeowners' insurance carrier (click here to investigate that further) whether or not you expect the injured persons to file claims against you. Do it as soon as possible, preferably within the first 72 hours. Provide relevant details, such as the people involved, how the food poisoning occurred, and any witnesses to the injury.