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A Free Things To Know If You Are Worried About Having To Get An SR-22

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If you have received a few too many traffic tickets, been convicted of a DUI, or had a lapse in your automobile insurance, you are probably going to be told you need to have an SR-22 certificate added to your insurance policy. Basically, an SR-22 is proof that you are financially responsible for your automobile and any damage done while you are driving it. It lets the DMV know that you have current car insurance. It also is a flag for the insurance company. If you have an SR-22, they know to keep a close check on the status of your insurance policy. While you must keep the certificate valid until the DMV says you no longer need one, it is not a big deal. Here is a bit of information to ease your mind a bit.


Yes, you will have to pay to have the certificate added to your insurance policy. Luckily, the cost of keeping one added to your policy is usually under $25 every time you have to file it. You can ask your current insurance company for a free quote and then call around to see if you can find a better deal. Remember, you will need to get a quote on the whole policy as you cannot buy a policy from one company and the SR-22 from a different one. So, if you have done your research, and know that the price you pay for your current policy is the lowest you can get, just call and have the certificate added; it won't change your premiums by much at all.


Another thing you should not worry about is how long you have to keep the certificate added to your policy. In most circumstances, you will only need to keep it for three years. Of course, there may be an exception and you will need it longer if you were involved in an accident and did not have insurance at the time. However, it should be noted that if you have a lapse of insurance while you have the certificate, it may cause the time to start over again when you get a new policy. The best way to be sure of how long you have to carry the SR-22 is to ask the insurance agent when you call for a few quotes.

An SR-22 should not be something to cause you to panic. It is not a big expense and you are not going to need it forever. Have one added to your policy to keep in good standing with the DMV. Then just keep it in place for a few years and you should be good go to.

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